Tuesday, 7 July 2020

What's the point of Bebeflapula?

Not sure. I was always interested in questions about reality, I mean, what is reality? What is the world? Is that world mediated through our senses? Does our cognition actively process sensory data into a completely different whole? Is my world, the human world, the modern-millenial-world, the stupid-philosopher-jerking-off-to-arguments-world, is it completely detached from the world as it is?

Then I gradually realized that those questions are too big for me. For anyone, maybe. - But together we stand a chance! - We need to communicate. Develop ideas together. Poke into each other's arguments. Get rid of bad ones. Heap up good ones, and build up a cathedral of knowledge.

Would be cool if we could just hook up to a cloud and directly transmit those ideas from one brain to another. But we can't, I think. So, we have to mediate those ideas. Through language. Sigh.

Philosophy of language! My passion. My curse. My excuse, so I can pretend like I'm doing something useful with life.
That's what I'm doing, I guess. In life. And I try to be useful, so I transmit those ideas via Youtube. But certainly, I could be more effective at transmiting those ideas? I guess I try to have fun with the channel. Do a bunch of stupid shit. Can't help myself, really.

Anyways, that's my long-term goal. Get some neat ideas out there, minimize the spread of fallacies that relate to language and stuff. Maybe provide some useful tools for viewers, who'll know to use them better.

For now, I just want to finish processing Wittgenstein's ideas (still reading Philosophical investigations) and find some sort of synthesis with another author that completely gripped me, Merleau-Ponty. They have a lot in common and their ideas do provide a different, a more dynamic, a more fruitful world-view than the rigid, static ontologies of modern science.

Language as a organic system of localized rules of useage? Consciousness as an embodied self, whose dynamics are shifting in relation to situational context? Dynamic semantics? A dynamic world?

After I finish that study, I'll familiarize myself with recent scientific developments and start presenting them through the lens of the acquired philosophical perspective on things. Oh, and meanwhile, I'll be posting a bunch of stupid shit, because that makes me happy:

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